Top Hat Temptress

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Added: 20/01/2017
Featuring: Kate Donovan

"Top Hat Temptress" is in just for you! Relaxing in my lounge is one of my favorite things to do. In this set you finally get to see the best part of the fruits of my labors - namely my bar that I built from scratch! I thought I'd mention it just in case you don't notice it due to being distracted by other things - hehehe!!!

Set Vintage - June 2003

Photography by Kitty-Sue Permann


Classic Burgundy

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Added: 20/01/2017
Featuring: Kate Donovan

Collecting Hotrod and Pinup Magazines is definitely a great pastime but then again.... as you doze off for a little nap.... you might dream of having a real live Pinup girl come over and spend the evening with you! Just like in "Classic Burgundy"! Enjoy!

Set Vintage - July 2002

Photography by Kate's Pinups

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Peachy Keen

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Added: 18/01/2017
Featuring: Kate Donovan

"Peachy Keen" is not just a saying when it comes to this set! Home alone with your TV dinner can be just as Peachy Keen as going out and about! ;-)

Set Vintage - December 2002

Photography by Kate's Pinups


Burlesque Bombshell

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Added: 16/01/2017
Featuring: Kate Donovan

Put your hands together for our premier performer here tonight!!! Introducing Miss "Burlesque Bombshell"!!! Let's hear it for her folks!!!

Set Vintage - August 2005

Photography by Kitty-Sue Permann

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An Evening In

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Added: 13/01/2017
Featuring: Cheeky Spoonful

Sometimes staying in has its advantages! Well this sure is "An Evening In" that you'll not want to miss!

Set Vintage - November 2009

Photography by Kate Donovan


Velda's Velour

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Added: 11/01/2017
Featuring: Kate Donovan

Well Valentines may not be every day but the spirit is always in the air! Encounter my smoldering side... Mmmm....Fuzzy leopard print, black & red with a crop to top it all off! Enjoy "Velda's Velour"!

Set Vintage - February 2004

Photography by Kitty-Sue Permann

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Card Games

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Added: 09/01/2017
Featuring: Kate Donovan

This set is a visual delight, "Card Games" is the tale of a girl, a guy and some cards. Unfortunately for her Lady Luck is not smiling on her having lost all her money she agrees to play strip poker. Luckily for all of you her luck does not get any better and the rest, as they say, is history. It also happens to be one of the biggest sets I've ever done and I do hope you all enjoy it.

Set Vintage - March 2003

Photography by Kitty-Sue Permann


Dance Class

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Added: 06/01/2017
Featuring: Kate Donovan

First position, Second position, Third possision..... This little Ballerina is enjoying her favorite "Dance Class". Why is she enjoying it soo much you ask? Because you are there looking on silly! ;-)

Set Vintage - October 2005

Photography by Kitty-Sue Permann

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Between the Sheets

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Added: 04/01/2017
Featuring: Kate Donovan

Happy Birthday to me! However this set is my gift to you! An homage to the classic Marilyn Monroe photo shoot by Douglas Kirkland, I call it "Between the Sheets"!

Set Vintage - September 2004

Photography by Kitty-Sue Permann


New Year's Cheer

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Added: 02/01/2017
Featuring: Kate Donovan

Happy New Year!!!!
This little darling is definitely the life of the party especially when it's the biggest party of all!!! Bringing some "New Year Cheer" to you all, she hopes to bring a smile to your faces as well!

Set Vintage - January 2006

Photography by Kitty-Sue Permann

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New Years Baby

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Added: 30/12/2016
Featuring: Willow Blue

Happy New Year everyone!!! It is going to be fabulous for sure!!! Just to kick things off I thought we would envite Willow Blue to be our "New Years Baby"! Enjoy!

Set Vintage - January 2010

Photography by Kate Donovan


Smok'n Lady

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Added: 28/12/2016
Featuring: Kate Donovan

Boy if you like a good cigar you are gonna love this set! A nice Bering and a martini caps off the evening perfectly! So pour yourself a drink and light up your favorite cigar and join me in the lounge! ;-)

Set Vintage - January 2002

Photography by Kate's Pinups



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