Fishnet Flirt

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Added: 04/09/2015
Featuring: Anna fur Laxis

Mmmmm.... Leopard print and fishnets! What could be better than a sheep skin rug and a pretty girl who love to tease! Watch out she's a frisky one!
Set Vintage - November 2008

Photography by Kate Donovan


Kiss Me Kate

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Added: 02/09/2015
Featuring: Kate Donovan

This set is called 'Kiss Me Kate' as that is the record I find to play, dance and sing along to. It is sooo fun to spin with your skirt flowing higher and higher! This set is a bit of a landmark as this is the hundredth set I have published with Kitty-Sue Perrmann behind the camera - well done Kitty-Sue - here's to many more ;-)

Set Vintage - November 2004

Photography by Kitty-Sue Permann

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Victor's Victoria

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Added: 31/08/2015
Featuring: Kate Donovan

Vroom-Vrooom!!! With this little lady waiting in the pits it's no wonder he won the race! Here she is folks "Victor's Victoria"!

Set Vintage - April 2005

Photography by Kitty-Sue Permann


Dressed to Impress

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Added: 28/08/2015
Featuring: Miss Suzie Sequin

Getting ready for this little darling is the true meaning of "Dressed to Impress"! Starting with the perfect combination of foundations there is no stopping her from looking fabulous in what ever she choses to slip on!

Set Vintage - July 2009

Photography by Kate Donovan

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Beach Ball Beauty

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Added: 26/08/2015
Featuring: Kate Donovan

Bathing suits, Sun glasses and a beach ball make for the perfect day out! Well having your own quite beach area helps too!!! You'll see why as you enjoy the show in "Beach Ball Beauty"!

Set Vintage - October 2002

Photography by Kate's Pinups


Burger Betty

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Added: 24/08/2015
Featuring: Kate Donovan

At this Drive-in Diner speedy service with a smile, describes "Burger Betty" to a tee! Enjoy as she gets ready for work and then serves up some of your favorites! Make sure and park in her section every time for the sweetest service ever!

Set Vintage - September 2002

Photography by Kate's Pinups

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Dark Garden Delight

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Added: 21/08/2015
Featuring: Clare Scoullar

Finding that perfect lingerie to go under your outfit can make all the difference, especially if your special someone knows what is hidden from view! "Dark Garden Delight" show us just that!

Set Vintage - July 2009

Photography by Kate Donovan


Bettie's Bar

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Added: 19/08/2015
Featuring: Kate Donovan

For all of you who study the classic pinup girls you should be proud of me for this one! I call it "Bettie's Bar". This is the shoot I personally built the bar for! Bettie Page once did a shoot in front of a similar bar! I think this shoot pulled together really well! Cheers!

Set Vintage - August 2003

Photography by Kitty-Sue Permann

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Fantasy Bettie

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Added: 17/08/2015
Featuring: Kate Donovan

If you liked "Secret Betty" you'll just love "Fantasy Bettie"! I think you will find that Fantasy Bettie goes above and beyond! Her husband returns from his day's work and finds his wife sat in her chair sewing. He sits down and starts to imagine her in slightly different attire ;-) As he dozes off, his dreams turn to his fantasy until he awakes to find his wife standing over him. What a pity it was just a dream, but then again was it?

Set Vintage - April 2003

Photography by Kitty-Sue Permann


Duvet Delights

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Added: 14/08/2015
Featuring: Peggy Soo

Some times you just want to stay in your warm comfy bed and enjoy the day! Well this little darling has done just that!

Set Vintage - January 2010

Photography by Kate Donovan

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Barmaid Bother

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Added: 12/08/2015
Featuring: Kate Donovan

This St. Paddy's Day shoot is entitled "Barmaid Bother" ;-) In this set you will see your plucky Irish barmaid tease her way out of trouble when the alcohol runs out.

Set Vintage - March 2004

Photography by Kitty-Sue Permann


Naughty Nautical 2 Pt 2

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Added: 05/08/2015
Featuring: Kate Donovan

We now return for the second episode, "Naughty Nautical 2 Pt 2"! When we last say our darling traveler she was in quite a pickle! Getting her dress caught and loosing her buttons! Then getting caught her self by shore patrol!!! Tune in to find out how she teases her way out of the $200 fine!!!

Set Vintage - March 2004

Photography by Kitty-Sue Permann



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